1. The picture
When you first contact Denise for an assignment, please send along a picture with your mail. This saves time. It is best to send multiple pictures instead of just one. She would also like to receive these digitally, so via e-mail. However, it is possible to work with a printed picture too. Please send a picture that: - is high quality (preferably as high as possible), as low resolution impacts the quality of the drawing, - is clear, - is not underexposed or overexposed, - has color. Black and white is possible for graphite work.

2. Required information
Please include in your mail the specifics of your order. Please also include the following: - the desired size of the drawing. In the rate table you can find all available options. - whether you want color, graphite or a combination of both, - the color of the paper. Everything is possible. You can also have Denise choose a color. - other wishes, such as a (detailed) background.

3. Down payment
Before she starts an assignment, she would like to receive a down payment of 30% of the price total. This is for time spent and material costs. Therefore these costs cannot be refunded once the drawing is finished. While working on the drawing, she will send you one or two WIP (works in progress). When the drawing is done and you are happy with it, you pay the remainder of the costs and she'll send you the piece.

4. Delivery time and shipment
Delivery times depend on various circumstances such as the size of the assignment and how many other assignments she's working on at that moment. But on average it takes about 1
week. She can give you more specific information after receiving the assignment. After payment, the drawing will be carefully wrapped and shipped in a protective package. Do you have a deadline? Please let her know at least one month in advance.